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Commission Info [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 31, 2013, 9:48 PM

- I will begin work on the commission after full payment. No refunds unless I am the one canceling the pre-paid commission.
- Commissions may be uploaded to my site(s). Unless specified otherwise prior to commission completion. 
- All commissioned illustrations are for personal use only, not for commercial purposes. The character rights are yours, but the copyrights of the image itself is mine.
-  I do not draw R-18, Anthro, Monsters/furries, extreme gore, heavy mechanical, etc. 
-  I have the right to accept or decline a commission.

Payment Method: Paypal USD or :points: Points

Examples & Prices
Type 1: Chibi
- Full body, full color, transparent background.
Chibi Commission Set 01 by jennybun

$20/2000 per character
Type 2: Pixel Chibi
• Full body, full color, transparent background.
Pixel: Callie by jennybunPixel: Dawn's Team by jennybun
$20/2000 points per character

1. Note me or comment in this journal with:
-Character References:
Commission type: (1 or 2)
-Short personality description:
-Pose Reference: (or i will make up)
-Special Requests: (such as animals, plushies, anything additional. Additional Payment will be added)
-payment Method: (Points or Paypal)

2. I will reply back with the total price (and) Paypal address. Point payments will be made through the commission widget)
3. I will start to draw after I have received the payment

Thank you! 
Send me a note if you're interested <3

Raffle: Win Free Art! [Winners]

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 10, 2013, 9:01 PM

Thank you to all participants, i am so happy this raffle was a success <3
Out of 187 lovely participants, the 8 winners are:
1. #13  tsunyandere
2. #161 Kipun
3. #146 Mehlyna
5. #124 cliselle
6. #144 chiyaa
7. #111 Caipryss
8. #120 pakkuma

I will send you a note shorty (:
Watch for my next the future OTL

Extended until tomorrow morning. Thank you to all participants, i am so happy this raffle was a success <3</sub>

Hello everyone <3
Do you want a chance to win a Chibi from me? Here's your chance! (-:

Please read before entering
There are some chibi styles I would like to experiment with and perhaps use them for my commissions in the future. If you don't mind me using your adorable characters as commission examples please go ahead and enter this raffle.

I will be testing 4 different Chibi styles. Therefore, I will choose 8 winners. Two winners for each chibi style I will be using. 

I will choose the winners randomly using
I am sorry, you will not get to choose which style of chibi you want. That will be chosen according to the order your number gets picked.

How to Enter
+fav this journal

I would really appreciate it if you make a journal entry/poll linking back to this raffle. The more participants, the merrier!

Raffle ends Aug. 17, 2013

Thank you! <3

Point Giveaway #1 [Closed]

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 8, 2013, 9:10 PM

Thank you for everyone's participation. The Winner is #69: :iconchroma-kun: chroma-kun
Congratulations! You have won 50 points!

Happy Valentine's Day guys! Please watch for the next giveaway <3 xxx
 photo kiri_zpsce6d1821.png

Hey sweeties! ♥ How are you guys doing? Is everyone excited for Valentine's Day?
I have a few spare points to give out, I hope to be doing this as often as I can *3*

During this Giveaway I will be giving away 50 points to one dear deviant!
To enter, all you have to do is favorite this journal entry. I will use a random number generator at the end of the giveaway on Feburary 14th.
Comments are optional and very much adored. ♥

Happy Valentine's Guys. Good Luck~